Scent Styler HS-1203

Intensify moisture level in the air with Liberco,s humidifier for a better environment. This is an electrical diffuser which covers more area. You can set time span approximately more than seven days timer to work repeatedly. Humidifier HS-1203 is aluminum atomizer and its Electricity function creates the prevailing diffusion more effectively on a large area.

Color Black, Sliver
Product Type Electrostatic
Product Size 35.5*24.5*12.5cm
Power 5W
Voltage DC12V
Weight 1.65KG
Oil Capacity 120ml

Scent Styler HS-0200

Scent Styler HS-0200 is an effective diffuser system with disposable oil bottle. This is an operative diffuser and good for outsized areas. The main function of Scent Styler HS-0200 is to use advanced atomization technology to atomize the liquid fragrance oil into fog. Its electrical function is powerful and diffuse aroma to every corner very quickly.

Color White,black
Product Type Air Fresheners
Product Size 35*12*28cm
Power N/A
Voltage DC12V / 8W
Weight N/A
Water Capacity 120ml plastic bottle

Scent Styler GS-10000

Scent Styler GS-10000 by Liberco is well designed with Metal Shell, It can be used anywhere as it is good for small and large spaces. Installed fan enables this diffuser to work more efficiently and diffuse aroma directly. You can set alarm and let it work automatically. This is safe and secure to use in different areas such as home and workplaces.

Color Black
Product Type Electrostatic
Product Size 42*28*40 cm
Power 1.5 meter
Voltage 220V
Weight 13.17KG
Oil Capacity 1000/500ml