It can set up 4 group working periods with 7-day timer program to work automatically everyday!. After your setting, the PCB controller can lock the system, so to make the machine safe. And good for your rent service !. It use long life Pump and International advanced atomization technology & aluminum atomizer. Aluminum bottle can store oil longer time.

Color White,black
Product Type Air Fresheners
Product Size 35*12*28cm
Power N/A
Voltage DC12V / 8W
Weight N/A
Water Capacity 120ml plastic bottle

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Product Features:

HS-0200 Scent diffuser system is specially designed for large area places to cover 200m3. It uses metal shell, high strength and corrosion paint processing concise design to make it elegant appearance ! It uses advanced atomization technology to atomize the liquid fragrance oil into fog then powerfully and quickly diffuse to every cornercorner.


No. Content
1 No heat
2 No water
3 No ultrasonic
4 Refillable fragrance oil container
5 Cold-air diffusion technology/dry gas technology
6 Being silent when it works
7 With fan system to improve diffusing scent smell
8 Suitable for various area from small to big
9 Friendly and easy maintenance and operation
10 Stand-alone diffuser & HVAC system or hang on wall
11 With timer program, persistence, concentration setting.
12 Environment protecting, can custom
13 Easy to replace the oil bottle and great smell