Ball shape,built in ionizer,can release the negative ion. Easy to cooperate, mini size,convenient to carry. Only used with tap water and essential oil. Safe and energy-saving,environmentally friendly. Suitable for usage in indoor surroundings including baby room, bedroom,sitting room, toilet, KTV room, office, hospitable,etc.

Color Blue, Green, Pink
Product Type Air Ionizer
Product Size 11.5x11.5x12.5cm
Powers 3W
Voltage DC 5V
Water Capacity 200ml
Weight 9kgs

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Product Features:

1.Hightech,adopt high speed rotation and centrifugal force and anion to purify harmful
substance in air,create clean,hygienic indoor air.
2.Removing cigarette smell,food smell,toilet smell,the eldly’s body smell and other unpleasant smell.
3.Can kill the bacteria and virus in air which is harmful for human’s health.
4.Can remove the dust,pollen,suspended particles in the air.
5.Can break down the formaldehyde, toluene,ammonia and carbon dioxide which is
caused by the indoor decoration.
6.Can increase the indoor humidity ,which is suitable for air-conditioned rooms.
7.The essential oil can bring good smell to the room, making you in good mood every day.