Aroma Diffuser GH-5511

  • GH-5511

Blue color LED light. Auto shut off at low water level. All kinds of essential oil applicable.

Light color Blue color LED light
Colour White, Black
Products Type Plastic aroma diffuser
Product Size D105*H82mm
Power 24V DC, <12W
Voltage 100-240V AC, 50-60HZ
Water Capacity 45ml

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Product Features:

1.Mini size with 50ml water tank, can be portable
2.USB power supply, quite popular used in office, home, beside the PC, with drops of essential oil will create fragrant and soothing environment.
2.Blue color Led light
3.Black and white colors in appearance
4.Auto shut off at lower water level.
5.Overheating protection
6.Top quality ABS+PP material
7.Different kinds of adaptors are optional in different countries.