Essential Oils

essential oilWholesale Essential Oils for Everyone.

Our greatest motivation is to consistently offer the finest, most medicinally and aromatically valuable essential oils available on the Planet. We offer these oils to everyone at wholesale prices, regardless of your affiliation or profession.

We purposefully offers only wholesale pricing, rather than separate wholesale and retail ‘tiers’, to ensure the high quality of oils we offer are available to the widest possible audience. We think the medicine of essential oils is that important. We know to some folks, the prices can seem high. We also know that our customers having more experience find our prices quite low, and our quality among the finest to be found anywhere.

The Finest Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices from Liberco Aromatheraphy



Amber, Organic Eucalyptus Wild Lemon, Organic Rosemary
Angelica Root Eucalyptus Radiata, Org. Lemon Tea Tree Rosewood, Organic
Anise Seed Fennel, Sweet, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Sage, Organic
Basil, Organic Fir Needle, Organic Lime Sandalwood, Indian
Bergamot Frankincense Marjoram, Sweet Spearmint, Organic
Black Pepper Galbanum Melissa, Organic Spike Lavender
Cacao Bean Geranium, Organic Myrrh Spruce
Calendula Geranium Rose, Organic Myrtle Tangerine
Cardamom Organic Ginger Neroli Tea Tree, Organic
Carrot Grapefruit, Organic Niaouli Thyme
Carrot Seed Jasmine Nutmeg Tuberose
Chamomile, Roman Juniper Berry Orange, Organic Vanilla
Chamomile, German Lavender,Organic Palmarosa, Wild Ylang Ylang
Cinnamon Bark Lavender, English Patchouli
Citrus, Organic. Lavender, French, Peppermint, Org.
Citronella, Organic Pine Needle, Wild
Clary Sage Rose AbsoluteRose Otto, Organic
Coriander Seed


We are continuing our efforts for constant improvement in oil quality and value. It’s not just about wholesale essential oil pricing, we are striving for the best.

The finest oils for your long term health and happiness. We will roll-out see more single oils, therapeutic
blends, and more in the near future, to help you best utilize the true medicinal use of essential oils and aroma therapy as it was meant to be.